My sole objective in these last days, is to impact the Kingdom of God by yielding a bountiful harvest of souls as the Lord has assigned."

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Welcome, thanks for stopping by! Part of my responsibility as an evangelist, is to recruit lost souls to Christ, admonish believers to remain in the face of God and to prepare them for His return. I believe the Bible is right and that He's coming back for a prepared people. Will you be ready?

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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!It is my prayer and objective in these last days to impact the Kingdom of God by yielding a bountiful harvest of souls as the Lord has assigned. Thank you for your continual support of my ministry.Love, Dr. Ruby Holland. Dr. Ruby Holland is a native Texan, is lovingly dedicated to her primary call as the mother of two daughters and amorous grandparent, and as well is humbly submitted to the divine mandate on her life to by any and all means be an extension of Christ.

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